Imagine your website as part of a ring, where each point point, the website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and your newsletter system, allows interaction;

By creating remarkable video content, customers can be entertained by your system and share it with their friends.

Ongoing content creation means your website needs to be updated regularly – logically this should be both easy and quick.

For this reason we build WordPress systems for all of clients.  It is the easiest to use and manage system that money can buy, and best of all, it is Open-Source, meaning it is free to acquire and update, plus you can quickly change the look and feel of it using ‘themes’.

Your new website now forms a core component of your Social Media System.

Creating quality content that is measurable, manageable, entertaining, shareable and profitable, tied to your objectives, will result in success.

Through experience and hands-on creation, we are firmly committed to the fact that the principles underpinning business growth are similar for startups, indepedant musicians, not-for-profit activists and large brands alike.

This is because over the last ten years Bravo Charlie’s founder and general manager, Philip Bateman, has been involved as a consultant, IT architect, video and written content creator, developer and editor in more than 100 website projects.

Everything from ‘catalogue’ style websites for fashion labels, e-Commerce enabled sites for small and large retailers, Content Management enabled websites for house hold brands, transaction sites covering the majority of Australian banks, mobile applications and general web consulting for other companies within the ASX top 50.

What is it that you are trying to achieve? We would be delighted to help! Please get in touch 🙂

A wordpress content management system side by side with the live page of the website