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We say “Social Media Systems” quite a bit, in the world of Bravo Charlie this means;

* A WordPress website – quick and efficient updating of content
* A professionally designed wordpress theme
* A Facebook business page – a communal area to interact with folk
* A Mailchimp newsletter system – Do you know the best time to send emails? Ask us about it.
* A YouTube channel with graphics that match the website and Facebook presence
* A Mobile Application (free or fee), linking the latest YouTube, WordPress and Facebook updates
* A Twitter account with matching graphics

Some or all of these elements may be relevant to you – it depends on where you are now and where you want to get (have a look at our Gap Analysis consulting).

If you have an existing website, then getting a “Social Media Footprint” can be created quickly for you (within 72 hours)  BUT!  Don’t be fooled, a system needs quality content, which is where our consulting and then video production services come into play.

Facebook – for generating new relationships and connecting with customers:

  • Business page created including your staff added as administrators
  • All relevant information such as company description and hours filled out
  • Graphics for profile picture and photo strip
  • Access “Bravo Charlie Facebook success guide”
    (find out what the most effective types of posts are and when to send them!)

Twitter – for developing and growing your customer base:

  • Setup your profile
  • Source professional graphics for the background
  • Generate your Twitter profile picture
  • Give you access to our “Twitter Techniques” guide
  • Post your first 10 tweets

YouTube – the place to store and share your story

  • Creation of your YouTube channel
  • Sourcing background graphics
  • Inserting relevant company information

LinkedIn – to enhance your professional credibility

  • Setup your profile in LinkedIn
  • Connect you with four relevant groups to your industry and target market
  • Gives you access to our “Building professional credibility” guide

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