Led by Philip Bateman and Marian Marsden (Visit About page) – Bravo Charlie consults to businesses of all sizes, from startups aiming at rapid growth, to established, medium sized organisations and on to leading multi-nationals, seeking to leverage the availability of low-cost digital tools.  Additionally we provide educational sessions and longer seminars for Boards, Industry Groups and Government Departments.

Our Gap Analysis Consulting focuses on;

1.  Where your marketing and business is at (A)
2.  What you want to achieve (B)
3.  What is stopping you reaching these goals
4.  Structuring an improvement plan

Our initial 2 to 3 hour ‘A to B’ gap analysis will discover, then refine the components above;

You will receive specific feedback on developing your business, real-world implementation examples, a Social Media Strategy and a Content Creation Schedule specific to your objectives.

For companies with over 10 employees the cost is $1,145, for those with under 11 employees, $465 and for community groups or independent musicians, $210.

Prices are all inclusive.

This is a guaranteed service – if you do not get any value, do not pay.

In our 8th year of operation, we have not yet had anyone request to use our service guarantee 🙂

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Shane Dunstan | CEO, Aran Intertional | March 25, 2015

Philip is an enthusiastic, creative professional who can assess what a business needs very quickly and accurately. His ability to develop a business strategy through extracting the company “story” is as effective as it is fun. Philip’s skill of asking the right open, leading questions not only helps to convey the business to your clients, but also galvanises the business focus to the management team and staff.

Storytelling is a dying art. Philip instills a passion to tell a story and as a result, it give a business a sense of purpose and your clients a passion to follow.

Katherine McLennan | QBE – Head of Global Leadership Academy | November 3, 2014

Philip Bateman was a lot of fun to work with for the video that we created for the Leadership Academy at QBE. He is very organised and relaxed at the same time. He makes the people he films be at complete ease — and is very pragmatic with the suggestions he gives us for filming at the right budget with very high quality results.

I would happily be willing to support Philip in his endeavours for the future.

Brett Bonser | Executive Director – MathMarketing | August 4, 2014

Philip brings unique skills to the world of video production within the B2B context. He understands that in B2B marketing video has to be about more that just positioning and branding, it must play a role in buyer progression.

Combine this with awesome core video production skills and you have a guy that every Marketing Director should consider.

Deanne Love | Owner, HOOPLOVERS | March 19, 2014

Philip has an obvious talent for reviewing businesses and providing powerful and creative strategies for success. He recently conducted a gap analysis of my business and developed a workable and insightful strategy for the future. Philip’s clarity and vision is a great asset and I would highly recommend his service.

David Juriansz | Director, Moving Essence, Senior Facilitator, beyondblue, Editor, MHPOD | March 5, 2014

Philip at Bravo Charlie is a tech ‘boffin’. He understands how communication is changing, how viewable content is becoming a must-have platform as part of a business marketing system. His skills have been refined by countless hours learning his craft. He is a filmmaker with an eye for detail and creative vision. We works faster than a speeding bullet. I would recommend him if you are looking to integrate website, social media and film as part of a business solution.

Jonathan Osborne | Senior Acoustic and Audiovisual Consultant at Arup | March 2, 2014

Philip is assisting me with digital strategy and creating my online platform, leveraging my recent TED appearance. 

It’s rare to meet someone who has as wide a skill set as his, and still rarer to find a person like that who can listen. It’s been a pleasure to work with him and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to develop their digital or personal branding strategy. His assistance in navigation through the new online / social media landscape has been invaluable, and he’s helped me articulate some of my key drivers and translate them into an online presence.

Shanaka Unantenne | Director Product Quality & Engineering at Dara Switchboards | December 19, 2013

The videos and digital marketing we created with Bravo Charlie have improved our sales and perception in our target markets. Philip was recommended by Enterprise Connect and started by consulting to us on our processes and what we were seeking, then directed and filmed our senior management and staff over 4 days. He brought a team with him for the filming and we are very proud of the results. From this we made 18 videos and receive ongoing support – video works for our business.

Lauren Robertson | Owner at Larger Than Life Event Agency | February 20, 2013

We met Philip in 2012 whilst he was filming with a client of ours. Based on that event we asked him back to speak with us about video marketing. His initial consulting helped us to see the ways we could use social media to reach our business goals, whilst also writing a digital strategy to be implemented by our website provider. 

From here his team filmed a time lapse construction of our rooftop project, filmed the first half of the opening night, mixed the content together and worked with projectionists to show it live at the launch – we received excellent feedback. 

From setting up our YouTube channel to providing ongoing digital marketing support, Philip continues to film, edit and produce video content for our events. It works – capturing and sharing our story through social media and video is improving our sales.

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