Launching Asia Society Australia in Melbourne at the National Gallery

A great pleasure to join over 400 guests at the National Gallery of Victoria for the official launch of the Asia Society Australia in Melbourne at the Hawker Ball!

Read more about it from the Premiers office –


Below:  Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria, Philipp Ivanov, CEO of Asia Society Australia and Philip Bateman, CEO of Bravo Charlie


Hamer Scholarship awarded to Philip Bateman for China

Our CEO has been awarded a Victorian Government Hamer Scholarship to focus on developing his Asia Capabilities, acting as an Ambassador for Victoria and will be studying Mandarin full time at Suzhou university, near Shanghai, between February and July 2020.

Philip Bateman, shown below accepting the award from the Hon. Martin Pakula, Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade, and Mr Long Zhou, Consul-General of China.

The awards night at the Investment Centre, Level 46 Collins St, Melbourne – Philipp Ivanov, CEO of the Asia Society Australia delivering a keynote address

The recipients of Hamer awards for China

The Interview launches with 40 business & world leaders!

I’m really excited to share with you a reference tool for the insights, education and inspiration so many amazing business leaders have shared with me in the last year – from Impact Investing to China relations, Government, Funding and Taxation, Science and Technology, the Arts and Business 101 – 40 interviews available for you in playlists, with more coming.

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Thank you to those featured so far, it’s such a privilege for me to be able to learn from and share your insights – And this is only the beginning! 🙂

17 million views in a month – Sir Philip Wollen OAM goes viral

6 years after we put Philip Wollen and the Kindness Trust on the digital map, ‘Life Changing Videos’ with an audience of 9 million reached out and asked to feature Mr Wollen’s maiden speech – with some title additions and on-screen captions, the video has ‘gone viral’ and is reaching far and wide

A Speech of a Lifetime

Wow. This speech by Philip Wollen took our breath away.For help in going vegan (it's free):

Posted by Life Changing Videos on Friday, August 31, 2018

A snapshot of reactions, comments and shares as of October 5th 2018, 1 month after launch

Swisse, Coles, Caterpillar, Daimler, Lockheed and Bunnings

It’s been a big 6 months for one our most renowned clients – working closely with as our digital implementor, we have successfully launched the new website, including the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Google Adwords) campaigns!

Starting with business process interviews, we’ve gone through copy writing, wireframes, graphic development, user acceptance testing, development and functional testing, through to CRM integration!

It’s been quite the ride and at the same time, we’ve been deep in redeveloping the companies internal sales processes and proposal documentation, which is leading to great clarity and success with the client base.

The company is in growth mode and with 8 new team hires in the past 12 months, check this out for a client list!

The nuance of long-form copy writing, click here to read more about it on LinkedIn


Bravo Charlie are $50K Boost Your Business Grant Providers

Do you know a Victorian based manufacturing business that has their sights set on the world?

It is our great pleasure to officially announce Bravo Charlie are Registered Service Providers in the Advanced Manufacturing Stream of the Victorian Governments Boost Your Business voucher program through to December 2019, providing dollar for dollar matched grants up to $50,000 in the areas of Marketing and Branding Strategy for Hong Kong and Chinese markets.

For funding round dates and availability, visit

Bravo Charlie are 2017 Australian Tarmac Rally Champions

Very pleased to say that Philip Bateman and his navigators Anthony Condon and Paulina Hryniewiecka, have completed and won, 4 out of 4 events in the 2017 Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, in the TSD (Time Speed Distance) / Regularity class, meaning from the Lake Mountain, Mt Baw Baw and Snowy River Sprints, plus the Great Tarmac Rally, we ‘are the champions’ ! 🙂

Ride along in the video below, have a read about the whole thing and learn about the amazing crew behind the scenes, also you can see how to get into it yourself through our handy guide –

Once you have pressed play, click the speaker in the bottom right of the video for sound





Presenting to the Federal Governments Business Advisor Network

Take 8 minutes to watch 8 videos and learn the highlights of a 1 hour session presented to the Federal Governments Business Advisor network, by Philip Bateman, Managing Director of Bravo Charlie

During the 2017 Annual Conference for Business Advisors of the Australian Governments Entrepreneurs` Programme, held mid July in Canberra, I had the opportunity to present a 1 hour workshop, titled Digital Marketing, Story Telling and the China Opportunity for SME’s

The presentation had several videos which provide a synopsis of the intent behind the session, so if you can spare 8 minutes, you’ll get the go to woah.

1. The power of video to capture imagination | (Opening video)

2. Marketing the dull (how to) | 0:00-1:00 & 4:04 to end

3. Simplicity – a 12 second product video

Back in Stock! The Kevlar Shears:

Posted by Best Made Company on Thursday, March 26, 2015

4. Kill the press release | 0:00-0:50 & 1:25 to end

5. Clean and green Australia, how Moulamein do it (Bravo Charlie production)

Do you know what one of the biggest farming groups in Australi…

Thank you for all the love on the previous video! Here is another for you; 500,000 tons of grain – What do they do with it all?! Find out from Tony Bellinger, General Manager of the Moulamein Grain Co-OperativeGrown and harvested by local farmers, Moulamein Oats are Australian made and the perfect Low GI meal to live a happy, healthy life – we are looking for stockists, so please tag anyone you know that could assist and thank you for sharing our story! :)- Philip and the social media teamFilmed and produced by Bravo Charlie

Posted by Moulamein Foods on Thursday, June 8, 2017

6. Understanding the difference between retail and selling online

7. Using data to create engaging content

8. A cautionary tale in social media response* ask me about this

9. “New retail” at Alibaba Hema Supermarket | 0:00-1:10 & 2:00 to end

Attendees at the conference we’re provided a 52 page supporting booklet which you can download by visiting or clicking on the image below.

You can see a demonstration of making your own content below by clicking here or on the image below, conducted during the session – (hint: take your phone out, open the linked in app, press record and if you are stuck, answer one of the questions in the booklet above from the ‘Getting the best out of people on camera’ section)

Thank you for reading – if you have a story the world needs to know about, get in touch with myself or the team at

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B2B/B2C Exec training at Alibaba, Hangzhou, China

Our founder & MD Philip Bateman went to Hangzhou, China, to participate in the Alibaba ‘B2B and B2C Executive training’ aka the ‘Alibaba Dream-Trip’ – his third trip to China, the first being as part of his Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, during an Asia Pacific Business Study tour, the second exhibiting Bravo Charlie at the China International Fair for Investment and Trade in Xiamen, now (March 2017) spending a week visiting colleagues, the famed West Lake in Hangzhou, Song Cheng theme park (for business purposes, obviously) and then 4 days at the two 20,000 + employee Alibaba campuses, located within 10 kms of each other.  An amazing, eye opening trip.



The Alibaba story itself is quite amazing and something we highly recommend you take a look at, it will indeed shape the future of the world (and is already doing it).  You can also find specifics about Alibaba and the Export Opportunity for Australia in our Toolkit available.


Appointed as Aus. Gov Department supplier

Very happy to announce Bravo Charlie has been appointed as a supplier for the Australian Governments Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development through to 2020, via the ICT Services Panel, in the areas of Enterprise, Information and Application Architecture, Web Services, Audio Visual and Video services 🙂


Bridging to Asia, ROAR and Bravo Charlie’s 8th Birthday

(video transcript follows)

22nd January 2017, means it’s Bravo Charlies eighth year of incorporation and 8 being lucky number, it’s time we’re getting serious about about our bridge to Asia for Australian companies!

Late last year we incorporated in Hong Kong – special thanks to John Barclay and the team at Primeasia Corporate Servicess, HSBC have opened our bank accounts meaning we can trade in the region – and after visiting China on several occasions visiting Shànghai, Beijing, Xiàmén, Sùzhou, we’re getting to experience more of what it’s like on the ground but more importantly to develop relationships with media partners who can distribute content inside the Great Firewall.

Also we have partnerships in Australia with companies such as Chin Communications who have already been translating content for us and it’s effective and has been proven.

I’m so excited about what we can do for Australian companies, we’ve got the faith of the Moulamein Grain cooperative, a large group of farmers who are delivering product directly to China – and I just keep meeting these people who are excited and the opportunity of technology;

There’s so much on the horizon from the basic tools, you know everything that goes in the car from the drones to the cameras and the sliders and so on and so forth, virtual realities on the horizon and whilst these things are all technically interesting, fundamentally it doesn’t matter what budget you’ve got it, but matters that you make content – and not just content for content sake, content that fits with your business development processes.

You may not even have those but that’s what Bravo Charlie does – we figure out where you are and what you want to get to, then we create the story to get you there and we integrate it and support you and using the latest technology to move that content around your network, to capture new clients, to engage new people, to deliver to your stakeholders things they may not know that they’ll be proud of and there’s just so much we can do.

The majority of our work we do has been with industrial high technology companies, it’s a bedrock in Australia – we know lot we do a lot but we kind of keep it under the radar and if we want to do more of it in the world we need to capture what it is we do and put in a shareable format that people can latch on to and go ‘ooh’ I want that – and that’s where Bravo Charlie comes in –

We’re really coming at this from a return on achieve results perspective (ROAR) so if you’re not making money we don’t expect to be paid – its kind of let’s go in lets learn because really moving to Asia, developing relationships in Asia is a lifelong thing, it’s not get, get out –

It’s a commitment and if you have the budget and the inclination, if you see that it has to happen if you’re going to sustain growth or access new markets then let’s talk –

I would ask a favor; if you know people that are in this area, creating world changing technology – I want to be a part of it; I want to help them get their message out to the world, it’s a story worth telling – and the world is waiting for their story.

So please if you know somebody in Asia who we should be talking to, if you know an Australian company who’s proud of what they do and maybe just doesn’t have the marketing really firing, introduce us, send them over –

Let’s have a chat and I’d love to hear from you and what you’re excited about.

Thank you very much –

Philip Bateman – Founder & Managing Director – Bravo Charlie


FYI here’s our latest piece of work released last week for Atlassian and Design Industries, this was a lot of fun to Direct, write, edit and generally make 🙂

Fuel saving technology hits Australia

I got back to Melbourne from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday – I flew over to see for myself if they were A. honest and B. serious – take a look for yourself;

The guts of it is the electric axle generates an average of 15% fuel savings, then as an auxiliary power unit engine idling is no longer required and the underbody has an aero effect which further improves fuel efficiency – their road-tested averages deliver 30% fuel savings with routes that contain elevation changes.

If you’re a fleet owner in Australia, please get in touch directly via 0402 017 700 / – we are completing 2017 production planning for Australia and taking non-binding reservation requests that close at the end of October for 2017 deliveries.

How does it work? What will it do for you?

The road to Pittsburgh (from Melbourne)

I was watching a tech journalist called Robert Scoble broadcast live over Facebook at 3 am in the morning on the 6th of April, 2016 – from there I got in touch with the team and recently flew over to verify everything – I was both impressed and excited to bring this back to Australia. You can see that initial interview with the CEO and some updated graphics below;

About Hyliion (

“.. As a mechanical engineer and motorsports racer, Hyliion Founder and CEO Thomas Healy set out to bring the advantages of hybrid technology to tractor trailers. His mission was to minimize fuel costs for long-haul, over-the-road delivery fleets by bringing electric technology to tractor trailers in an add-on solution.

Following wins at business case competitions across the country, interest for the concept grew, and so did investment. The group expanded their engineering team and strategic advisors to include electric vehicle experts, truck and fleet owners, and business leaders. Hyliion’s patent-pending technology has won accolades from the U.S. Department of Energy, Wells Fargo, Rice University, and Shell Technology Ventures, among others..”


What next? How do you get involved in the Reservation System?

Currently we are completing non-binding reservation requests for Australian 2017 deliveries – Reservations give you priority to evaluate, purchase, and take delivery of a number of production units.

While the Reservation gives you priority, it does not constitute the purchase or order of any equipment and it in no way obligates you to complete a Purchase Agreement.

Based on a completed reservation request, we will ask you to configure your system and choose a financing option prior to the start of production for your Reservation.

Hyliion will create an order for your system and you will receive a Purchase Agreement indicating the price of the equipment, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges, and any other applicable fees.

Remember, a reservation in no way obligates you to complete a Purchase Agreement, though whilst Hyliion will make their best efforts to accommodate your needs further down the line, Reservations with Purchase Agreements will have priority.

Why use a Reservation system?

The company is experiencing a tremendous amount of demand and are dedicated to ensuring this technology is taken to a broad market, which includes Australia.

Rather than accept offers to give the entire production capacity to a single company, through the reservation system Hyliion are able to complete production planning and balance distribution in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Okay – I’m in!

Good to hear – please call me on 0402 017 700 or email philip # at # so I can answer any further questions you have and supply your organisation with a reservation request form –

Bravo Charlie incorporated in Hong Kong

It’s official! 7 years and 9 months after incorporating Bravo Charlie in Australia, we are now also incorporated in Hong Kong! Thanks for all the support folks, every day in every way, it’s been a pleasure to support your growth and tell your stories, onwards (and northwards) – the Orient awaits!

19th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT)

The 19th China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) was an incredible event, to which the Australian Business Forum team ( and Mr Ray Evans did a terrific job organizing one of the two Australian pavilions –

A special thanks to Kate Ritchie, Yao Cheng and the team at for their help in getting our print material and video translations done – they were exceptional value.

During the CIFIT it was our great pleasure to meet with Mr Jeoven Wong, Director General of the CIFIT / Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention & Exhibition Affairs –

During the event we attended several presentations and match making, though for ourselves as B2B service providers primarily supporting English language businesses, some of the biggest benefit was joining and learning from the group of Australians pioneering their enterprises into Asia;


Aside from the inter-country antics, high level diplomats and investment meetings, I was very pleased to see wobble-boards and vitamix’s being given the high energy Mandarin sales treatment, along with a host of super high tech gadgets, transport and hydroponic soil-less gardening tech, including kids boxing robots that stood themselves up when fallen over in any direction and the like.

Marian and I look forward to developing relationships with the wonderful people and companies we met, as well as returning to the 2017 CIFIT to further ‘s support of Australian companies heading north into Asia.

Interview with Entreprenuer

Please visit the post on LinkedIn –

Dean Woodall approached me as an interview subject for his Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship subject at Victoria University; having spent years interviewing others, I feel quite honoured to be able to share with you an insight into our work at Bravo Charlie that is more than a simple ‘behind the scenes’ photo and the numerous finished products;

Phillip Bateman is an entrepreneur who has given the art of producing video clips for businesses a truly innovative edge.  This is a summary report of an interview conducted on Monday, March 14 2016, and details how his company – Bravo Charlie – brings together bespoke consulting services and business ‘gap’ analysis with video production in an example of innovation being organised into a systematic activity (Drucker 1985).

On their own, each of these functions are nothing new, but in synthesising “existing concepts and factors into a new formulation” (Frederick and Kuratko 2010, p.170), Bateman has targeted a “high potential, technology intensive commercial opportunity” (Dorf and Byers 2005, p.42) for clients that include QBE Insurance and American International Group (AIG).

Frederick and Kuratko (2010, p.170) note that “most innovations are simple and focused”, and that they are “directed towards a specific, clear and carefully designed application”.  Bravo Charlie’s unique business offering is that (in addition to creating modern digital content for their clients) they undertake extensive business ‘gap’ analysis consulting.

By identifying the resources, future product potential as well as the strengths and weaknesses of his clients, Bateman is able to clearly define where the client wants to be within twelve months.  From this, he creates a strategy; then films and edits the digital story to help his client achieve these goals.

As mentioned, video production and business analysis are hardly innovative; however by synthesising the two, Bateman plays out his own ‘creative destruction’ (Schumpeter 1942), and seeks to break the mould of traditional advertising.  He further takes advantage of opportunities such as the internet, what he refers to as a “far more personal” medium, to help his clients tell a more personal story than advertising can ever do alone.

Bateman asserts that people buy from people, and rather than blasting their customers or other stakeholders with what he calls “pretty” videos; he provides a medium for his clients to engage directly with an audience – and extracts a genuine story in the process.

Bateman is hardly new to the concept of innovation, and is actually undertaking a Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University; which is noteworthy in the context of Bessant and Tidd (2011) who describe the role a university can play as an ‘incubator organisation’.

The idea for Bravo Charlie, however, took flight when Bateman (having just come out of a failed partnership to commercialize a fuel saving technology during the GFC) took a small job filming content for Melbourne café ‘Shocolate’ with a friend’s mobile phone.  Of the 900 people on their mailing list, 850 watched the video, and 820 purchased the product.

Whilst Frederick and Kuratko (2010) might describe this as Bateman’s “idea experience”, the creative process no doubt started much earlier. The “background phase”, as described by Frederick and Kuratko (2010), might apply in Bateman’s case growing up around family businesses and carrying out several middle management functions in his twenties, including extensive experience as a Business Development Manager in IT, web and e-commerce.

Additionally, Marian Marsden – his business (and real life) partner – describes Bateman as an avid accumulator of knowledge who is “always looking” for new concepts and ides.

Indeed Bateman identifies his “getting skills for life” as a key strength.  What Frederick and Kuratko describe as the “incubation phase”, may have occurred during his years in middle management and marketing; and after his “idea experience”, would have left him well equipped to “Evaluate and Implement” his idea in the final of Frederick and Kuratko’s (2010) phases.

Important in light of the final phase of Frederick and Kuratko’s model is that Bateman (and Marsden) are always adapting Bravo Charlie; they’re constantly re-educating and adapting the Bravo Charlie concept to suit the needs of their clients and the context of the environment.

Bateman and Marsden (who takes on the role of general manager) see themselves as craftspeople and both baulk at being labelled ‘Entrepreneurs’.

The term itself does remain a “slippery concept” (Blundel and Lockett 2011, p.4) however, and although Frederick and Kuratko (2010) define Entrepreneurship as a “dynamic process of vision, change and creation”, de Bruin (2007) asserts that there is no clear consensus on a definition with the term “often being applied within a range of settings and used with marked variations in meaning”.

Bateman asserts that he and Marsden are great at getting the “gold” out of their clients, and that they “love helping people who are good at what they do to do more of it.”  Whilst the revenue they receive is definitely a motivator, the amount of charitable work they do also plays a critical role.

For example, the business model has three levels of pricing that allows for freelance musicians or charities such as Uniting-Care in the city of Wyndham to tell a story just as well (and to the same quality) as QBE Insurance or AIG. Additionally, Bateman insists that what keeps him going in his business is that he would not know how to do anything else, and has an odd assortment of professional memberships that include both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Cinematographers Association.

This implies a level of vision, change and creation beyond the norm of regular advertising, inspiration that exceeds the “humdrum inputs that respond to ordinary economic incentives” (Caves 2003, p.73).

That is not to say that Bateman does not recognise Schumpeter’s description of the “powerful links between innovation and profit” (Bessant and Tidd 2011, p.58).

He describes “sales” as an integral part of what he does; and is always looking to speak at a conference, much of which is self-promoting.  Without sales, he wouldn’t succeed.

He also identifies word of mouth marketing as vital to Bravo Charlie’s success and singles out his “elevator pitch” as a key strength.

As in many small businesses, cash flow is the most difficult situation faced by Bravo Charlie; and the role of the family (as well as the support afforded by Marsden) is not lost on Bateman.

Without what Bateman and Marsden refer to as their “living inheritance”, Bravo Charlie might not exist today.  It gives them “space for ideas”, which notably (in addition to the trust shown by Marsden in her supporting role) reflect precisely what Bessant and Tidd (2011) describe as the two most important factors that influence innovation.

That said; what Tidd and Bessant (2011) further describe as “organisational slack”, that too much support can breed complacency – and that too little can stymie ideas, applies to Bateman who regularly works 60 hours per week to deliver projects in what is his sole form of income.

A core value of Bravo Charlie could be described as “just keep going”; which is yielding results as his revenue – whilst very small in the first years of operations – has now grown to over $160,000 for the last financial year.

This “space for ideas”, however, has lead Bateman to have some major aspirations for the future of his business.  Over the next five years he plans to set up a wholly foreign owned entity in Shanghai, and plans an innovative ‘extension’ of the Bravo Charlie concept, into one which helps Australian and Chinese businesses bridge the gaps between their respective markets.

He believes that through Bravo Charlie, he can forge a cross cultural understanding between Australian and Chinese businesses that has not yet been achieved; and he has already taken steps in this direction by joining the Australia-China Council.

In conclusion, Bravo Charlie is an innovative business concept that has taken advantage of opportunities afforded by the internet.  Bateman has synthesised existing ideas into a new concept; and has taken that concept successfully to market.  Whilst he does not like referring to himself as an entrepreneur, Bateman leverages his skills as an interviewer, businessman and filmmaker – and has aspirations for the international expansion of his “baby”.


Bessant, J & Tidd, J 2011, Innovation and entrepreneurship, 2nd edn, John Wiley and Sons, West Sussex, UK.

Blundel, R & Lockett, N 2011, Exploring entrepreneurship, practices and perspectives, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.

Caves, R 2003, ‘Contracts between art and commerce’, Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 73-83.

De Bruin, A 2007, ‘Building the film industry in New Zealand’, in Henry, C (ed) Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries, Edward Elgar, Gloucestershire, UK.

Dorf, R & Byers, T 2005, Technology ventures, from idea to enterprise, McGraw-Hill, New York, USA.

Drucker, P 1985, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Butterworth-Heinemann, Woburn, USA.

Frederick, H & Kuratko, D 2010, Entrepreneurship, theory, process, practice, 2nd edn, Cengage Learning, South Melbourne, Australia.

Schumpeter, J 1942, Capitalism, socialism and democracy, Harper and Brothers, New York, USA.

Don’t settle for pretty – A quick word on being amazed

It’s been seven and half years running and I’m proud to be helping Australia’s best businesses capture and share their stories in honest ways, using interview journalism to achieve the vision of the CEO and in turn the board. If you’re considering video, I urge you not to ‘settle for pretty’ – to find someone that knows about business that can ask better questions to get better answers from your staff.  The results will amaze you 🙂

Thanks to Marian Marsden and Love Hawkridge for their excellent work on this project.

AIG Recommendation via National Coms Manager

ABF China Digital & Off-shore Learning

Learnt a lot, met some great people and thanks Amex for the coffee at the China Digital conference, part of the B2B/AusChina event in Sydney via Australian Business Forum – got some great insights on how the Chinese digital media landscape works and I’d be happy to chat with you about it in detail, so give me a call!

I was thinking about food pricing, local farms and getting them away from having to sell to Coles and Woolworths when the GM for Research and Development of the NSW Farmers Federation sat down next to me.  Serendipitous Universe.

B2B ChinaExpo Philip Bateman

Improving your velocity, finding grip and abandoning traditional advertising

Maybe the trick to extracting more velocity from the path upon which you travel is knowing where the grip is – Where can you find more grip?

I’ll bet good money you haven’t found the traction in your own story that you are capable of sharing with the world.

And talking about big bets, have you heard Apple is Abandoning Advertising?

The below is a transcript of Contently’s Why Apple Is Abandoning Advertising;

“.. Apple, meanwhile, just abandoned its failed ad business, iAds, which began back in 2010. Now, with no ad business holding Apple back, the company has the potential to do something radical: phase out advertising on its platforms altogether.

It would be a big bet, one reliant on the premise that the demand for a great user experience will outweigh potential profits from advertising and tracking. But given Apple’s devoted target customers, the move would make a lot of sense.

This radical philosophy is what differentiates Netflix in the streaming space, and it appears Apple is moving in a similar direction. Phasing out ads is a luxury afforded by Apple’s hardware business model, as well as a direct attack on Google’s data-dependent ad business.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cooke hasn’t hidden his contempt for advertising and tracking technology.

“I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information. They’re gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monetize it. We think that’s wrong. And it’s not the kind of company that Apple wants to be.”

How much do you spend on advertising?  And what do you spend on content creation?  Maybe you need to dramatically switch your focus – I would ask; What year are you marketing in?  (See my previous article for more on this).

And about that bet I wanted to make, that you haven’t found good traction in your own story – are you up for the wager? Contact me to talk it through.

What year are you marketing in AKA stupid or delusional

Gloves off, time to get with the program.  If you aren’t in marketing you might think the people in said area that you work with are either delusional or stupid.

If you are in marketing, you may need to apologize to the rest of your organisation, that holds themselves to effective use of company funds, as if you watch the following video I think you may admit, collectively we’re not doing a good job.

So do it – watch this, then rock 2016 by not wasting your co-workers time making things no one sees, give back the money you’re burning to other areas of the company that need it, massively increase the efficiency of your sales process, make the sales people happier; the marketing team more engaged, the operations staff more appreciative and the finance controller clap their hands with glee.

The CEO will come out pretty well too, then the board can pat each other on the back – see, it’s a chain, all it requires is paying attention, getting honest and not being stupid.  A big ask?  You can do it, I believe in you.

If you’ve made it this far, read the top, skipped the video with a bit of a scoff at the length, then at least consider the money you are spending on brochures, magazines, print in general, outdoor advertising, billboards et al and watch this > it’s not intended to be a platform specific reference (seriously, watch the keynote above) though you get the point (don’t you?)

Thanks for paying attention and P.S. – here I am talking about all this from April 28th in 2010 (before I knew how to produce videos with stereo audio 🙂 ).

As a follow up, here’s something a bit more schnazzy from May 2014;

If you found this interesting, please like and share this article – also, leave a comment below?  What did you learn?  What inspired you?  What new areas are you embarking into?  What questions does your company repeatedly get asked that could be captured to reduce customer service time?  What work do your colleagues do that forms the success of your company and what would capturing it in video so it’s shareable enable for you?

Skies the limit! Happy Friday 🙂