Why the name?

1.  People find it remarkable (in the Seth Godin sense)
2.  We like aviation, M*A*S*H and phonetics
3.  It keeps us up-front in trade show listings

Bravo Charlie


Founded in January 2009 by Philip Bateman and partnered in marriage by Marian Marsden (Executive Producer), Bravo Charlie have worked with startups, SME’s, large corporate, ASX listed companies, educational institutions and government organisations in Australasia, Europe, North America and the UAE.

Through experience the company and those that work with it are firmly committed to the fact that the principles underpinning business growth are similar for established companies, startups, independent musicians, not-for-profit activists and large brands alike – to use research, science and proven methodology to understand a market, to explore and align the vision of staff and executive through in-person interaction, then to tell good stories that educate, empower and inspire a target audience, distributed and focused using cutting edge data tools and software.

1.  The web is important.  Art and truth are important.  Combining these elements creates genuine, world changing impact.
2.  Together, we can tell stories that matter, about who you are and why you do what you do.  This will beat a product placement piece day or night.

Since 2012, Bravo Charlie have been Tailored Advisory Service providers for Australian businesses, via the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme for the Department of Industry, Innovation.

Additionally as of February 2017, Bravo Charlie have been appointed to the ICT Services Panel for the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, in the areas of Enterprise, Information and Application Architecture, Web, Audio Visual and Video services.

Philip Bateman – Founder & MD
Dip. e-Bus, MEI, MAICD – Diploma of Electronic Business, Master of Entreprenuership and Innovation, Member of Aus. Institute of Company Directors

Our early mobile production kit

Digital architect, artist, strategist, leader, story teller and film maker.  I am fascinated by people and the planet in general; each moment is a chance to do good for the world.

Getting to this point I have been a race-car driver, mechanic, salesman, designer, programmer, account manager, journalist, strategist and negotiator.  I have bought and sold businesses, prepared small-scale offers with ASIC, courted and pitched Angels and VC’s.

Talking to anyone in your organisation and bringing out the best in them is a passion of mine (on camera! 🙂

I principal myself on:

– Creating beautiful work that meets your business growth objectives
– Making complex ideas and technology easy to understand
– Learning, having fun and respecting our world

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Marian Marsden (BSc.Biol d.APT c.LLM) – Executive Producer of Bravo Charlie

Pre-training at Engage

Marian commenced her studies with a Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and her early career included pathology, laboratory robotics, business management and web development.

A focus on physical theatre, stage management, lighting, sound, broadcast TV and circus arts led to a decade of involvement in theatre through the UK and Europe, alongside operating her massage therapy business.

For Bravo Charlie, Marian works with Philip to provide business growth consulting, deliver IT projects and edit material – on-set they work together to create informative and engaging stories that meet their clients business goals.

Danny Zheng – Digital Production Consultant

As a Project Manager, Digital Solution Integrator and Digital Marketing expert, Danny has led projects for the Industrial Bank of Japan, Sanofi, Michelin and the Walt Disney company.

Speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese and English, as a Chinese born native he brings fundamental knowledge of operating in Chinese markets to Bravo Charlie, alongside a passion for qualitative consumer research.

Kate Ritchie – CEO of Chin Communications

25 years ago Kate founded one of Australia’s most renowned translation companies – Chin Communications. As their branding suggests, Bravo Charlie rely on the team at Chin as ‘our trusted language partner’ to translate our produced video content for distribution into Chinese markets.

Murali Maheswaran – Human Centered Design Consultant

“It’s messy and it’s emotional. Healthy, open, vulnerable and authentic cultures breed creative innovation. Through uncovering and consciously co-creating our personal cultures, then working through existing issues, we release the power to change” – Murali M.

Before any great story can be told, having organisational alignment around what that story is and can be, is a corner stone of succesfully transforming your company into an aligned, digitally pro-active, marketing machine.

For this reason we turn to Murali to engage the hearts and souls of your employees and your executive, usually in as little as a single day, to begin the process of embodying the ‘where we are’ and ‘where we are going’, idetifed through our initial Gap Analysis consulting.

Paulina Hryniewiecka – Customer Insight Consultant

Having worked for Australia’s leading brands including Country Road, Myer, Ferrero, Mecca Cosmetica, Sussan group, The Just Group, Pacific Brands and BPM Corp in the branding, photography and digital creative space, Paulina now focuses on evidence-based brand growth and consumer research for names such as Jetstar, Optus and Virgin.

Ask someone ‘what will you pay for’ and they will tell you whatever is top of mind, which is not usually what really drives their behaviour.  As an example in the context of airlines people always say ‘safety’ – when you model their purchasing behaviour, safety doesn’t come into it.

Thus through identifying the Customer Journey – what motivates people to buy, to advocate for your brand, what makes them unhappy or happy with your service and what drives them to defect – the communication we create at Bravo Charlie will be based on science rather than chance.

Gabrielle Quirk – Social Media Strategist and Channel Manager

“.. I love all things social media.  I swoon over a well-told story.  I appreciate the ever-evolving nature of the industry that I work in, and will forever be looking to learn more to stay relevant..” – visit Gabby on LinkedIn

Gabrielle specialises in initial content plans, creating engaging content and associated responses, then managing channel growth.  Her experience includes well known brands in retail, FMCG and professional services.

Yasmin Bushby – Lead Actress & Talent Co-Ordinator

A highly experienced Melbourne based Corporate TV Presenter, Yasmin has worked with Bravo Charlie for over 4 years, featuring as a lead actress for narrative pieces and an on-screen foundation to ask questions and support C-level executives explain their product and service offerings.

With a particular capacity to simplify complex subjects whilst remaining intelligently poised and engaging, Yasmins’ experience makes her an exceptional guide for newer actors (pictured in orange, above) whilst her network means she can quickly organise as many or as few cast as we need.

Love Hawkridge – Executive Grooming & Make up artist

Love has over a decade of experience working in the International Make Up industry, spanning South Africa, the UK, Ireland, the United States and now Australia.  Her career includes editorials, music videos, short films, commercials, film premiers, fashion shows, magazines and newspapers, with a variety directors, photographers and studios including Walt Disney, Universal and Sony BMG.  Working with Bravo Charlie since our 2nd year of incorporation, Love brings professional styling to our corporate and location interviews, ensuring your staff not only look their best, they are also excited to be engaged in the process of film making.

Francesco Vincenzi – 360 / VR and Principal Stills Photographer

An Italian photographer based in Melbourne, Francesco started his career as a photojournalist in 2007, shooting for La Repubblica in Italy, after completing a degree in Media.

His passion for photography as a powerful tool of social change encouraged him to travel and work in many countries including Central and South America, where he worked for a Costa Rican weekly magazine, The Tico Times.

Francesco’s latest interest is creating immersive 360 Content, beautifully shot and delivered in 4k and 8k resolution through his company Organic VR.

Joshua Stafield – Cinematographer / Director of Photography

Josh brings a diverse skill-set to the art of cinematography, supporting the clients of Bravo Charlie to reach world class levels of visual quality.  Click here to visit his website.

With professional experience in writing, directing, editing and producing, he has a broad knowledge base via broadcast television, short narrative film and feature documentary.

A graduate of the VCA Film and Television School, Josh won the cinematography award in 2015 and in 2016 earned an ACS Silver Award in the category of Short Film.

Glenn Clayton – Steadicam Operator

As productions get more complex at Bravo Charlie, it takes away from our founder (Philip Bateman) running around with his MōVI M10 and Canon C100, whilst directing a set, which is when we turn to Glenn to ‘fly’ the big rigs:

“.. from a young age Glenn Clayton had dreams of one day becoming half man / half machine.  When doctors told him that the surgery would be “impossible” he searched for a way to make his dream a reality.  He soon discovered steadicam, a craft that mixed creative thinking with an intense physical discipline.” – GlennClayton.com

Glenn’s awards include operating steadicam on the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Tropfest, as well as the Cannes Gold Lion Award for the ‘ANZAC Day Appeal’ TVC

Anthony Rilocapro – 1st AC

Anthony has extensive experience in film and tv production; Bravo Charlie rely on him on-set as a knowledgeable 1st AC for larger projects

Andrew Lock – Gaffer (Lighting and head electrician)

It’s often the first part of ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ that people forget!   Working in the film and television since 1997, Andrew has ‘lit’ over 460 TV commercials, 170 TV episodes, 220 corporate productions, 80 music clips and 6 independent films and telemovies.

Whether we need a small or big van full of lighting or to illuminate half a city block, Andrew Lock Lighting has us covered.

Doing great work for your company is an endevour we are collectively happy to take on, provided that you already take pride in what *you* create and deliver to the world!